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Tips & Tricks – Application

    Hi all,

    Thank you to everyone who has supported our new business! We thought we’d start a blog to address the most asked questions to date. Many of you have requested our personal tips and tricks when applying and removing semi cured nail gels. So, here’s what we’ve found works the best for us. We hope these tips can help you achieve a truly professional manicure looking at home!

    Application of semi cured nail gels

    1. Remove any previous nail polish or residues with your usual nail polish remover (acetone based is best).
    2. Wash hands with whichever dishwashing liquid you have at home for the dishes to remove any oils. Let your hands and nails completely dry.
    3. Wipe the alcohol swab provided with your nail kit over your nails and allow nails to dry.
    4. If you wish to use a primer you would do so now. This is completely a personal choice. Primer is not required for adhesion but some people find it helps removal without any damage to the natural nail. Everyone’s nail chemistry is different, meaning that you may wish to try using the semi cured gels with and without primer to see which you prefer. Easier removal after application of a primer may mean that your manicure does not last as long but for people who wish to change their look frequently this may be desired!
    5. Now it’s time to choose the nail strip that fits your nail size best and apply it to your nail. Make sure it is not touching your cuticle and smooth down a few times to ensure adhesion. We also use a soft ended orange stick to maximise adhesion around the edges (as this is where you will get lifting if the strip doesn’t adhere well).
    6. Trim the excess length of strip with nail scissors or clippers and then file for a smooth finish.
    7. Apply strips to your entire hand and then cure under your LED lamp for 2-3 cycles. Tap the nails to ensure they feel nice and hard.
    8. Repeat for the following hand.
    9. Apply a top gel over the gels and slightly on to your natural nail. We like to warm up the top gel in a bowl of warm water before application. This allows a nice thin coat.
    10. Now it’s time to cure that top gel under your lamp for another 2-3 cycles. Make sure it’s completely cured, and you’re set!