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How to apply semi-cured gel nail strips

Time needed: 30 minutes

  1. Prepare your nails.

    Remove any previous product from your nails using nail polish remover. Wash hands thoroughly with soap or dishwashing liquid. Use provided prep pad as the final step to remove any remaining oils from your natural nails.

  2. Choose the strip that fits your natural nail.

    Choose the strip that most closely matches the size of your natural nail.

  3. Attach the strip to the nail.

    Ensure the strip is not touching your cuticle line.
    Push strip down with your hand or a soft orange stick to ensure it has adhered well.

  4. File off excess strip.

    If the strips are much longer than your natural nail you may wish to trim first with nail scissors or clippers. File the remainder and shape your nail.

  5. Cure under UV LED lamp 1-3 times, until nails are completely set.

    Check your nails after each cycle to see if they are completely hard.

  6. Add a top coat.

    Adding a top coat helps to protect your manicure and will help it to last longer! It also adds that salon quality finish.