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Help! Why are my semi cured nail strips popping off or peeling?

    Hi all,

    We’ve had a few emails lately from customers who have had issues with their semi cured nail gels “popping off”, peeling or chipping. Don’t worry if this has happened to you. If you’re new to the world of semi cured strips, practice will make perfect! Here are our top tips to stop this from happening.

    1. Ensure your nail preparation is thorough.

    This is a hugely important step and shouldn’t be rushed. Firstly, remove all prior nail polish, adhesive from previous semi cured gels or other manicure products. Wash your hands thoroughly; we find dishwashing liquid works well as it removes natural oils from the nails and hands. Wipe your natural nails and fingertips with the provided alcohol prep pad and let your nails dry before applying the strips.

    2. Check that your semi cured nail strips are completely cured.

    Various brands and designs will require different a different number of LED lamp cycles time to fully cure; usually between 1 and 3 cycles. The LED lamp used can also have an impact.
    We’ve found under curing is a common cause of semi cured nail gels popping off. Ensure your strips are completely hard by giving them a tap. This step is important whether you are going to apply a top gel or not.

    3. Apply a thin layer of top gel.

    Applying a thin layer of top gel over the semi cured nail gels (after they are completely cured) can help to maintain your perfect manicure. Be sure to keep the top gel away from your cuticles and make sure you cure it completely too.

    4. Consider skipping the nail primer.

    Everyone’s nail chemistry is different and so are the various nail primers on the market. Some nail primers are designed to protect the nail and make removal easier, so naturally your semi cured gel nail manicure may not last as long if you use such a product. This is the case with Ohora’s Pro Nail Primer, which is a fantastic product if you want to a set to a special event but not if you are planning to leave them on for weeks.