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Ohora launched in Korea in 2019, developing the world’s first semi-cured gel strip. They have since become the  #1 self nail brand in both Korea and Japan and have sold over 20 million products. Ohora prides itself on providing salon-quality nails that are easy to apply at home or on the go. The brand is constantly creating new nail designs and products. 
We love that Ohora are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Their products do not contain any animal product or derived ingredients, nor have they been tested on animals.

We can’t wait to see what else this brand creates!


EdgeU is a leading Korean nail brand with a network of 15,000 nail salons, 50,000 nail technicians, over 3,000 shades and 20 years of experience. They have now created innovative baked nail gels.

EdgeU believe in elevating the at-home manicure experience by providing do-it-yourselfers with reliable salon-quality products and an array of diverse and trendy designs that are easy to apply for all.


EdgeU16 is the latest offering from parent brand EdgeU. The strips are 90% semi baked and come in smaller packets, allowing you to change your look as often as you like!

We love this new vegan-friendly range and know you will too.